Tea Leaves

The Iron Dragon

First Encounter

The day was bright as the party sat upon the river, and the cool weather was reflecting pleasantly upon the stream.

“What was that?” asked the Eladrin Child. Balaasar looked to the sky and sniffed.
“It’s big… and hungry,” murmured Tyrendilel.

As the adolescent dragon swung into view, the travelers let out cries of panic. An arrow struck the dragon’s wing as Ajaxx leaped from the wagon, closely behind the psion who was already concentrating deeply from the riverbank.

As the party moved to surround the immobilized beast, the dragon unleashed a devastating howl which seemed to leave the thinner heroes senseless. It’s great claws swung toward the stunned elf, but the war priest’s mace struck true, sending the dragon howling back. A violent cloud of black smoke and lightning bellowed from the creatures snout, which stung the eyes and charred the flesh.



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