half ogre papers

A poorly written sheet of paper found on the Half-Ogre's desk.


ince Rolan the Deathless ost}{nsibly rules. but the heads of various noble
hotlses a*nd other special ilUercst :::::::: have more
influence on the day·to·day act*ivitics in the city.
Whcther religious, military, or mercantile. these lead·
ers are caught up in a constant struggle for dominance.
Visitors arc wie to avoid this c"""ict. A group of mysteriOUS creatures
ca lled KC’(‘per .. tends 0 the cily. Utt le is known about
the crcntures’ origi ns or intentions. or whom they serve.
They h*avc a p:::::ul connecti*on to G""""wrought.
and thc locals trcat them with fearful respect.
Tht: city -is like a livi ng
entity. BUildings rise, collapse, twist, re{}{pe. and grow
with alarming regul’ty. Most re:::::ents attribute these
changes to the Kpers. a lthough no one can explain
what is actually happening.
Coin Is King. Gloo{}rought’s markets are vast.
full of mysteriOUS and wndrous tr||||||||||es from afar.
Rare, p_owerful i:::s are bought and sold on a daily
basis. A strong bl;lck market a lso thrives here. Ifan item
ex ists and is for sale, iI can probably bc found_ somc·
where in thc CilyofM idnight.
Death’s Sway: Most citizens tolerate o….er -religions

(sma[1 shrincs to var ious faiths exist thro..ghout the
city). butthc Raven Queen is thc dom..nt deityofthe
Shadow-fcll ilnd ofG[oomwrought. Th-c Raven Queen’s
mnln tcmple is Itavcll’s Eyrie. The Ebony Guard
oflhe Eyrie works agai nst a ll other religions..


half ogre papers

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