After Every Session

After every session I’m going to ask you to send me a full set of skill checks. I’ll use the rolls to fill in some information regarding the previous session and the upcoming session. Simply roll a d20, add your skill modifier and write it down. I don’t need to know your roll, just the combined result. If you have any special modifiers going on, be sure to note those (like a +2 bonus from an investigation kit). For my records please note in parenthesis your base modifier. If your character has any specific things it was pondering, add those questions at the end. Also, I’m still getting used to names/characters so please lead off with your character’s name and session number.


Derpington the 3rd
first session

Acrobatics (0), 5
Arcana (
7), 18
Athletics (-1), 3
Bluff (0), 11
Diplomacy (
12), 27
Dungeoneering (0), 5
Endurance (
0), 5
Heal (0), 4
History (
0), 19
Insight (2), 5
Intimidate (
2), 5
Nature (3), 5
Perception (
7)(2 Investigation Kit), 28
Religion (
1), 5
Stealth (0), 5
Streetwise (
0), 5
Thievery (5)(2 Thieves Tools), 15

Why is the sky blue?
Why was the young iron dragon try and use me for a lightning rod?
Why is it good to get in at the top of a pyramid scheme?

After Every Session

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