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The world is full of peril and opportunity. Any time the party changes location, there will be a chance of encountering a traveling event. The events can include hostile creatures, environmental hazards, and helpful travelers. The frequency and nature of the events will be determined by DM roll. The outcomes of the events will not require combat, though it will be an option in many cases. Some events have the potential to help the party and others will most assuredly harm the party. I will note that the world will not ‘level with you’ like the video game Oblivion. It has a set level and you may face dangers that are more than you can handle. Pick your battles wisely.

Action Points

I’m not going to limit them to just an extra standard action. If you can think of and want to do something inventive during combat or exploration that is a little on the extreme side, ask. I’ll try and work with your intention and come up with a reasonable check(s) for the goal in mind. The goal of this is to allow more creativity in combat and elsewhere. For example, say one of your powers involved telekinesis/teleportation and you were fighting a dragon that had an electrical breath attack and you were next to a body of water. I would allow an attack that involved pulling water from the river to ‘ground out’ the dragon. In terms of mechanics/rules I would have the caster make a power attack with the same bonus to hit the target as the ‘inspiration’ power and if successful, have taken away the dragon’s electrical based attacks so long as the ‘channeled water’ was sustained as a minor. Something like ’ I want to put all my effort into my swing and chop the dragon’s head clean off!’ is not gonna fly. Something like ’ I want to jump on the dragon’s back and start choking it with my sword’ is more reasonable, but rather difficult to pull off. I might have to pull back on this rule if you all turn out to be a combination of McGyver, Wolverine and Houdini.

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